Brazilian Strings Trio (CD)

Brazilian Strings Trio (CD)

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Ted, Nando, and I all lived in Brazil at the same time, but only came together as a group after we all moved to the States coincidentally within some months of each other. This collection of choro, forró, xote, and other Brazilian styles is fairly representative of our live show!

Brazilian Strings Trio is:
Andrew Finn Magill: violin, octave violin
Ted Falcon: bandolim (Brazilian mandolin), violin
Nando Duarte: 7-string guitar, 6-string guitar, cavaquinho, percussion

Featuring guest artists:
Marcelo Caldi: Accordion (track 5)
Katia Moraes: female Voiceover (track 2)
Carlos Cesar Motta: percussion (tracks 3, 5, and 10)
Clarice Cast: percussion (tracks 6,7)

Tracking, editing, and mixing: Nando Duarte
Mastering: Jason Blum (Sigil Media)
Music Production: Nando Duarte
Executive Producer: Ted Falcon
Album Artwork: Emilio Rangel