Canta, Violino! (CD)

Canta, Violino! (CD)

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Canta, Violino! is an original album of Brazilian music. This music was mostly written during the two years I lived in Rio de Janeiro, working with some of Brazil's most talented and inspiring musicians. LISTEN:

Released April 6th, 2020

Andrew Finn Magill - violinos
João Camarero - 7-string guitar
Lourenço Vasconcellos - drums & percussion
Fernanda Sant'Anna - voice
Dudu Oliveira - flute
Mike Marshall - mandolin

Recorded by Carlos Fuchs at Tenda da Raposa in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Mixed by Danny Littwin at New York Digital.
Mastered by Joel Kerr at G&J Audio.
All music arranged and produced by Andrew Finn Magill
Photography by Nathan Chesky
Graphic design by Jim Magill